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MARCH 3-5, 2023

Radiance - Sacred Sisterhood Retreat,The Grove (near Wiseman's Ferry)

Our weekend retreat in pristine nature will be an opportunity to come together in the company of sisterhood to be nourished and supported to rebalance, rejuvenate, heal and be inspired to open more fully into our authentic selves, so we can expand into the next stage of our evolution. My own offering is a transformative leadership workshop called "Shine the Light Within". It will help alchemise past challenges and uncover the treasures and wisdom that are hidden within you so you can share your gifts with others. Find tickets here

MARCH 10-12, 2023

Red Tent Camp at HearthGround

A weekend of celebration, connecting, ceremony and sisterhood, for International Women's Day. The camp runs from Friday afternoon - Sunday afternoon. The cost is $50, all meals are shared. Please use the form below for more info and to book.

MAY 19-21, 2023

Wise Women Gathering, Sydney

Wise Women Gathering is a grassroots conference celebrating herbal and women's wisdom. 

At this event I will be offering up the Red Tent Space and being available for on-site counselling.

Info and tickets for WWG here.

Journey with the Seven Greek Goddesses: a weekend experience at HearthGround. 

Join Yia for a Journey with the Seven Greek Goddesses: a deep exploratory journey into feminine psychology, spirituality, myth and women's mysteries. Over the course of a weekend, we will explore how these mythological figures from the deep past can be allies in this time of great change and challenge.

Ancient archetypes – modern perspectives:
Ignite your inner spark and reconnect to your life purpose.... Hestia
Develop strategies for success in key areas of your life.... Athena
Honour your cyclic nature and develop the art of timing...Demeter
Transmute your wounds and reclaim your inner authority....Persephone
Reconnect to your inner Shaman/Medicine woman....Artemis
Reclaim personal power and responsibility....Hera
Renew the alchemy of feminine passion... Aphrodite

Archetypes are powerful inner forces that are encoded in the stories/myths that live on through time. They enable one to see more clearly the stories and psychological patterns that are shaping behaviour and influencing emotions.
Recognising and activating the fundamental patterns revealed by the stories of these Goddesses helps to deepen our Own Journey of self discovery as we seek our own wholeness/holiness in this Life time.

This workshop runs from Friday afternoon - Sunday afternoon. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to express your interest for the next dates.

JUNE 24-25, 2023

Spiral Walk

You are welcome to stay overnight (arriving Saturday morning), or be there by 3pm for the Spiral Walk. Dinner is shared, mulled wine and chia provided.

Cost: $40 pp (children free). Message us to register. 

Bone Woman ~ Shamanic Mystic: a weekend experience.

This weekend experience can be a companion workshop to the Journey of the Seven Greek Goddesses or as a stand alone experience.

When women maintain a silent /passive response, as a default setting within the
paradigm of the overculture, the rich emotional life that acts as a wise guide, settles deeply
into the archaeological layers of the psyche. Incrementally these daily compromises
marginalise the untended emotional inner community. The great SHE /intelligence,
connection to the Oneness, that lies beneath all the layers, needs expression. An anarchy
of emotions can erupt when the authentic soul tries to free herself of unhealthy cultural and
hereditary accoutrement.

As women start to take responsibility for their own story, they liberate dismembered soul
parts, not only of their own hereditary patterns, but also the inherited cultural belief systems.
In this space something new can be born.

This weekend experience will feature a process which supports women to consciously journey into their biography to tend, transmute and integrate their Life Journey. This work is inspired by the Biographical Living Way work of Karl-Heinz Finke, anthroposophist and the Personal Journey work of Raphael Locke, a leader in the transpersonal movement in Australia.

This process is divided into seven year sections called septennials. As every cell changes
over a period of seven years, so too, do the physical, emotional and mental states evolve.
Whats In the Harvest Basket? allows one the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding
of self. To integrate past experience (often forgotten) and to recognise any patterns of life
depleting attitudes and belief systems, and in so doing, invites one to re script oneself.
To reflesh ones own Bone woman with values that resonate from deep Truth and Love. 

This workshop runs from Friday afternoon - Sunday afternoon. Please contact us using the form below to express interest for the next dates.

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