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Red Tent

Even though Red Tent traditionally is a space where women can retreat, rest and reflect during their menstruation, it is a space for women of all ages. It used to be the place where women's knowledge was shared between women, stories & traditions passed on. Modern red tents offer a sanctuary to be witnessed and held within the common Unity of women and continue to be places of shared learning.


Our Red Tent sits nestled in a natural valley near the Colo River, northwest of Sydney, on the property HearthGround. Created and built on-site by local community members, the Red Tent is now a multi purpose sacred space.

The next Red Tent event is a Women's Camp from 10-12 March, 2023.

The floods of last year and the lessons of walking the right way through the layering of many ceremonies here at HearthGround have deepened our relationship with this sacred land. In addition, it is the week of IWD and over the years we have gathered in circle or gatherings to contemplate and celebrate the women in our lives and the world. The cost for the weekend is $50. Please fill in the contact form below for more information or to book. 

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