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Sacred Ceremony

The Power of Ceremony/Ritual to Heal a Modern World.



has the ability to disrupt old patterns, breaking the spell of habituated responses and old default settings. As we change and grow through the integration of internalised negative programming so too does the world around us change.

It offers individuals and communities a process to begin again, to reset, to move into the world with a mind full consciousness that has been raised up by the ceremonial process.


As a Ceremonialist...

I design ceremony for all sorts of occasions.

Offering a space to celebrate our successes, to hold and nurture women through challenge, to encourage collaboration, to create, to be heard, to heal and a space to honour the transitional thresholds through life.

In my experience, the embodied act of ritual/ceremony acts as powerful framework to reclaim ones autonomy.


The inner witness is activated

Once activated, it acts as reminder or benchmark to leverage oneself onto a new pathway, where dormant potential, now released, can enable people to meet their goals, wishes, dreams and better manage the challenges that one meets along this pathway.


The Letting Go and Rebirthing Ceremony

is a good way to start, to support ones new way forward and ability to take responsibility. These teachings have been generously taught to me by Minmia Wiradjuri Senior Law/Lore Woman and author of Under the Quandong Tree.

What I love about these ceremonies is that they are deeply connected to the Earth, the ground under our feet, Our Mother.

Minmia's book: 'Under the Quandong Tree

Celebrating the threshold moments in a Woman's Life

Baby Blessings or Blessing way Ceremony.

Offers a beautiful acknowledgement to a becoming Mother within her community of women friends and family.


Menarche/Maiden Ceremony

This Ceremony honours a maiden coming into her Moontime.


Menarche Healing Ceremony

This is for women that want to reclaim the threshold of Menarche and Mend the lack of Honouring for this very potent time in a woman's life.


Queen of the Harvest Ceremony

This ceremony has been designed for women once they are through menopause by at least 13 moon cycles. There is preparation in the form of mentoring sessions called Whats In the Harvest Basket? These sessions integrate the experiences, good and bad through the septennials of the life cycle making the Harvest Queen ready for her ceremony with friends.

It is a beautiful way to set the stage for her emerging eldership.

Bone Woman

The Queen of the Harvest Ceremony becomes part of the Bone Woman process.


Be Coming – Honouring Life's Golden Moments 50th Birthday/Ceremony

Many women are wanting to mark this milestone with something more than a party.

I have designed something along the lines of the Harvest Queen ceremony but as some may still be menstruating, the Ceremony is called Be Coming.


Grieving Ceremonies

These are something that I co design with people depending on the situation.

There is usually a food offering to whomever has passed and space is created for the mourner to express to their beloved in a safely held reverent and resonate space.

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