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Counselling & Mentoring

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CosMAtrika Counselling & Mentoring is the name of my practice located at HearthGround, a natural property nestled in a deep and beautiful valley in north west Sydney in the Colo area.

In this counselling/mentoring work I see myself as bearing witness and holding space for women to navigate through life's transitional thresholds and challenges.

This work has a strong focus on ceremony and ritual, drawing on the sacred teachings of Minmia senior Wiradjuri law/lore woman and author of Under the Quandong Tree. 

On offer is a collage of modalities such as life mapping, archetype work, and personal or group mentoring in understanding women's cyclic life.

As a Ceremonialist, I work with identifying needs, dreams and intentions, co-designing individualised ceremony which enables women to reset; to move beyond transition and into healthy integration, supporting the manifestation of wishes and dreams.


One of my passions is a process called 'Whats In the Harvest Basket?' and it applies to the menopausal woman. It offers an opportunity to integrate the past through working with personal biography. This process supplies a framework to re-story oneself on the journey into early eldership, using a series of questions, reflections and creative processes applied to the septennials of one's life. This process of integration can lead to a 'Queen of the Harvest' ceremony where a woman can be celebrated by her community of women. 


Counselling/Mentoring $120 for 2 hours.

Ceremony  sessions $250 ( allow for half day for this process, includes cuppa n snacks).

Availability: Monday, Tuesday and Fridays 10.00 am - 3.00pm

Ph: 0425 374 189

Ignite the Spark

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