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Altar Consciousness:  Supporting the Consciously Evolving Woman

by Yia Alias


The concept of an Altar has for centuries been the domain of patriarchal organized religion.  With the rise of new/ancient consciousness, individuals must make their own connection to a deeper spiritual reality. Daily assaulted with the soul-less requirements of consumerism, we can easily lose connection to the WILD self within, the ARTISTIC self, the HOLY self.  Creation of sacred space and sacred altars offers a devotional field allowing a bridge to manifest one's own divinity. 


An altar can be as simple as a candle or lavishly laden with symbols, crystals, goddesses, photos, any items that evoke an emotional response that aligns to your heartfelt desire. An altar can reflect the many unique aspects of you...... it doesn't have to be a static creation, it can be something that reflects the inner and outer seasonal self.  


Life's myriad of distractions has created an anorexia of soul, starving self, family, relationships and community. One doesn't know what to tend first, energy goes out more than it is returned and the soul sits on the back burner. The vehicle, the body of expression is burnt out.  Stress, anxiety, addictions, illness and depression take hold as our soul parts are scattered in all directions.


A return to the gentle Tending of Altar Consciousness is an antidote to the hardening forces of  patriarchal, technological frameworks that support unsustainable, synthetic systems and, the overproduction and destruction of natural resources on all levels. 


As consciously evolving women living on this continent, at these momentous times, we have  a smorgasbord of spirituality to draw from. Rising up from the ashes of indigenous culture, overlaid with Christian belief systems,  there is a beautiful synthesis arising from the fusion of many cultural beliefs.  And with this new wave of feminism we now find our selves in, with its reverence of Mother Earth, and honouring of cyclicity, I believe  a new Australian spiritual identity is evolving.


Atlar Activation.  Altars of themselves can embody beauty and creativity, however, activating and tending with PMA – Present Moment Awareness – to be fully engaged and present, imbues them with the potency to ignite the cosmic forces.


The world needs the birthing of new ideas, new perspectives, to create fresh and inspiring visions of the future.  This cannot be achieved with the constant addiction to busy-ness.  Making an island of time in the fast moving river of life to untether obligations and distractions allows a safe space for the freedom of Soul.


From sacred space to sacred journey we then ignite the spark to manifest our heartfelt wishes and dreams.  Within each of us is an infinite soul designed with great beauty.  On my Altar of Consciousness, I envision a global awakening of all women returning to the task of soul tending. Enabling our collective consciousness to engage new ways of living where resources are valued, human and plant life is revered and our animals are safe from exploitation and harm. 


By returning to Altar Consciousness we return to the centre, the inner sanctum of our being, awakening the courage to live a rich filled life through positive conscious and creative choices. 


Yia Alias - Ceremonial Facilitator, Transpersonal Counsellor,  Shamanic Practitioner, Women's Mystery Teacher specialising in Healing through Ritual.  Her passion is creating an art of living bringing the sacred into every day life.  With a powerful base in Women's Business, Yia brings together her rich life experience offering a collage of beautifully blended modalities and healing processes to integrate the past, heal the present, and inspiration to embrace the future.  Contact Yia email at or

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